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Office partitions are the quickest, easiest and most cost-effective way of creating a more productive workspace. Office partitions can be temporary or permanent and can fit into just about any size room required. Think of office partitions as putting up a temporary wall that isn’t actually a wall, and wouldn’t make half as much noise or mess to erect as a solid structure.

As the modern office evolves into a collaborative space that is both welcoming and functional, modern office partitions are becoming more and more popular, with more focus being placed on designing a space to be both beautiful and functional.

Intentional design means that form and function are combined to build a beautiful space, one that encourages employee well-being, increases collaboration and welcomes clients. These atmospheres don’t happen by accident, they are intentionally designed by choosing elements that complement both the practical and aesthetic needs of the company and its employees.

As any company knows, helping employees build a sense of ownership in the company is essential to a satisfied staff and a positive company culture. Modern office partitions allow employees to have a sense of their own space to work quietly on their own while still feeling connected to the greater company culture.

Rather than tucking into a traditional cubicle or drywalled office with little connection to anyone else in the office, modern office partitions allow employees to create a space that is their own while still being part of the larger office.

Office partitions such as; wall partitions, glass partitions, wall dividers and glass dividers are a far more cost-effective way of dividing an office than installing permanent walls. It’s a lot less of a dramatic measure to segment your office areas than going to the expense of building fixed walls. They are also practical, as any future expansions or rearrangements are far easier to deal with when you only need to remove temporary screens.

You will also save money on refurbishment and cleaning costs as partitions are very easy to clean and can be fixed or replaced at a fraction of the cost of permanent walls.

Rather than undergoing a costly remodel, modern office partitions create a sustainable solution that also decreases waste, as well as cost. When an office has been divided with traditional walls, any remodel creates a large amount of waste, harming the environment and costing the company more.

Instead of tearing down and rebuilding walls, modern office partitions allow for office space to be reconfigured when necessary. Modern office partitions allow an office to bridge the gap between the traditional route and fully open floor plan.

Increased Privacy and Noise Reduction

Office partitions provide a completely different level of privacy to an open plan office. They establish separate sections within the office creating individual spaces that employees can personalise. As well as this, they allow staff to focus on their own work without distraction, and to take phone calls/hold meetings in a professional manner. Wall partitions are also excellent for noise reduction by minimising external distractions especially when the partitions are full-height. This can be important if you’re constantly holding private meetings or if you’re spending a lot of time on the phone

Improved Aesthetics

Partitions can actually enhance the overall aesthetic of the office and create a unique style. TPLS can provide a huge variety of custom made partitions that range in colours, finishes, styles, sizes, and materials. The size of the office dividers can be specified, running from floor to ceiling or from wall to wall as desired. They can modernise an older style office and add a touch of class to the interior space. A well-partitioned office can become a much more attractive place to be.

They are available in many different styles – from glass partitions to timber and wood partitions depending on the look and finish you require.

All aluminium frames can be powder coated to suit your requirements, and joints can be covered with aluminium cover trims or taped & filled to give a flush wall finish if required. The great thing about aluminium partitions is the variety of finishes and styles available, and they are particularly popular when paired with integral blinds in the cavity to provide a sleek and stylish alternative to regular window blinds with great functionality and purpose to increase privacy.

Increasingly, companies are using glass partitions to open their space to both the flow of light and the flow of ideas.

There’s no doubt about the fact that they look aesthetically pleasing and impressive to potential customers, giving off the impression of a well-established company with a good image.

With modern technology, you can achieve many different looks with frosting or printing to add unique styles and designs to your glazing.

Perfect for any working environment, wood or timber partitions can be used to bring a more traditional look into the office, whilst creating a sense of warmth and style. They have been a favourite for years in the office fit-out and design industry, as they easily fit into the design of any office while giving a natural feel.

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