Sound Management Solutions for Your Home, Offices or Apartment. 

We provide various soundproofing solutions for all areas of your home that includes lofts, ceilings, floors and walls. 

  • Reduce Noise and Distraction in your Home Office!
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Our 18+ years of experience mean that we can confidently advise on any ceiling project you have.

We use only high quality materials, from well known brands, including Armstrong, British Gypsum, Siniat and Ecophon.

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There are a wide variety of reasons why you might want to soundproof your space.

You hear your them upstairs walking around in heels on the tile floor, you hear them across the hall slamming their door, and you hear your neighbor’s favorite late night TV shows through the shared wall in your bedroom. You know nothing about soundproofing an apartment, but something has to be done.

What do you do? You look up how to soundproof on the internet. The problem with this is that you will probably run into a lot of two things: myths that will waste your time (egg cartons, really?) and solutions that not only cost thousands of pounds, but are meant to be implemented during construction or require permanent modification of your dwelling (which your landlord may or may not be okay with.)

What are your options?

Anything that will actually yield satisfactory results when soundproofing an apartment wall or ceiling will not be easy to slap up and tear down when you move out. Noticeable wall and ceiling soundproofing requires that you add materials to the structures. No shag rug hung behind your headboard will keep you from hearing your neighbor’s watching America’s Funniest Home Videos playing at full volume.

Blocking the transmission of the sound from one area to the next will require some modification to the structure of the walls, floors or ceiling. You hear the sound due to the fact that the existing structure is not dense enough to block the sound. Additionally, they may also be connected structurally, allowing sound to be physically transmitted through the studs and drywall.

Soundproofing Walls

Wall solutions can transform walls with poor acoustic performance by as much as 25dB making loud speech or TV noise very faint or inaudible.

Soundproof Ceilings

This can be particularly effective in apartments and multi-story homes to tackle noise problems. Solutions we can offer depend on your budget, level of noise and often the height of your ceilings.

Floor Soundproofing

There are many options available from “soundproof matting” to “soundproof underlay” which help with impact sound traveling down but its less effective against noise coming from below. Insulation applied between the floors usually offers the best results where possible.

The reality is that absolute soundproofing is usually not an easy fix, but we can help.

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