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We provide professional suspended ceiling installation and repair services for commercial, retail and residential projects in and around London.

We work with a wide range of the best ceiling systems from Lay-in Grid and Plasterboard to Fire Rated solutions that meet building control requirements.

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Enquiries for advice regarding ceiling refurbishments or new ceiling installations are more than welcome. We are happy to arrange a free site visit to have a look at the work required and quote accordingly.

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A new suspended ceiling is also a great way to enhance the acoustics in any room or office in your business. They help block sound and absorb echoes, making conversations easier to hear in loud environments. Suspended ceilings are also easy to maintain and can be used to hide unsightly wires, pipes, and ducts.

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Another benefit is the ability to add lighting to the ceiling and create a unique and attractive aesthetic that can drastically improve the overall look of a space. When it comes to lighting a suspended ceiling, there are a variety of different options available. For example, recessed lights are a popular option that can be used to create a dim, cozy atmosphere in a room. These lights are typically set into the ceiling and give off a soft, ambient light that is perfect for modern or contemporary designs. Plus, recessed lights are easy to install, meaning they can be quickly and easily added to a suspended ceiling without much hassle.

Alternatively, track lighting is an excellent way to add more focused lighting to a suspended ceiling. Track lighting can be used to highlight particular features of a room, such as artwork, seating areas, or even a feature wall.

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Our 18+ years of experience mean that we can confidently advise on any ceiling project you have.

We use only high quality materials, from well known brands, including Armstrong, British Gypsum, Siniat and Ecophon.

We take pride in delivering timely snag free projects, everytime!

Grid and Tile Ceilings

Grid and tile ceilings are ideal for areas that require access to services, and where modular light fittings are a requirement.

Acoustic Ceilings

An acoustic suspended ceiling can be particularly useful in open plan offices, learning or healing environments.

Fire Rated Ceilings

Various fire rated grid and tile systems are available to provide protection to the underside of Mezzanine floors.

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Reasons to install a high quality suspended ceiling.

  • Suspended ceiling systems allow you to install embedded LED lighting systems and track lighting.
  • You also get better insulation to help to make any space feel warmer and inviting while helping to reduce your heating costs.
  • A well-designed suspended ceiling will improve almost any space and provide a great way to cover up all those unsightly wires, cables, services and air-conditioning.
  • A suspended ceiling solution can produce fantastic acoustics for a wide range of applications all kinds or environments.
  • Suspended ceiling tiles are easy to maintain, as they can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. This can help to extend the life of the tiles and keep your ceiling looking fresh and new.

We can advise on suspended ceiling solutions for a wide range of environments including aesthetics, acoustic performance, thermal insulation, enhanced light reflection, humidity, durability and fire protection.

With access to wide range of the industry leading ceiling systems we can provide a ceiling solution that will meet any required specification and budget.

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When installing a suspended ceiling isn’t an option to improve the acoustics, climate and provide less noise, ceiling rafts can be retrofitted quickly and simply in most instances.  Especially in modern architecture, ceiling rafts offer an excellent option to dampen the sound and improve the room acoustics.

We will help you in finding a perfect, quick and aesthetic solution for every room including acoustic ceilings and fire protection.

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