TPLS DOES IT AGAIN as a preferred contractor, changing the norm to the extraordinary. Installing a “Lay in Grid” Suspended Ceiling in The Sunday Painter Gallery, as part of the art exhibition.

Stock ceilings can be standardised and a cheap masking device, used as a censure of apparently unsightly industrial hatchings – wiring, plumbing, ventilation and safety equipment. Designed to bury the veins of infrastructures that piously feed and dispose.
Suspended ceiling

Artist Samara Scott’s art exhibition at The Sunday Painter Gallery, transformed its familiar landscape becomes riddled with squalid dis-compositions, bundled still lives of meddles, upsets, agitations, spoils. Bottles, sandwich bags, cables, sheets of paper and phone chargers dissolve and thaw in a squirming rigour mortis.

Downstairs the underside of the ceiling transmutes into a suffocating screen, punctured with glazed portals of geological wonder. strewn with materials connected to the human, the
New Canteen - ceilings and wall covering
New Canteen - ceilings and wall covering

flashes of colour gush with ruminative prompts; but the human is absent, incarnating instead something stale and numb.
The tiles, seen from below, work in a damp negative, haunted by the residue of action. Above our heads, they sit squat, stubborn, brittle, lonely and tense, holding on to themselves in ripening composition.

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There are a wide variety of reasons why you might want to install a high quality suspended ceiling.

  •  Suspended ceiling systems allow you to install embedded LED lighting systems and track lighting.
  • You also get better insulation to help to make any space feel warmer and inviting while helping to reduce your heating costs.
  • A well-designed suspended ceiling will improve almost any space and provide a great way to cover up all those unsightly wires, cables, services and air-conditioning.
  • A suspended ceiling solution can produce fantastic acoustics for a wide range of applications all kinds or environments.

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